Anil Saraswati Vidya Mandir

Our institute focuses on universal development of the child by imparting multi dimensional education to the child. It focuses on every aspect like physical, mental, professional, spiritual and moral. More »

Play Ground

We have the facilities of both indoor and outdoor games. Special court has been constructed for table tennis, badminton and some other indoor games. Besides it, our institution has physical lab especially to focus on the physical development of the students. More »

School Vision

The institute emphasize on the cultural, ethical, moral development of the students by imparting education in a healthy and peaceful surrounding. More »

Experiment Labs

It has different experiment labs of different faculties like physics, Chemistry Biology, Computer, Social science and the labs have a good collection of modernized technical equipment resources (instruments, commodities etc.) More »


Manager's Message

     It impart immense pleasure to acknowledge the endeavours and support of the committed team of ASVM. I express my gratitude to the management committee, principal and teaching fraternity for their consistent effort and team sprit that reflects in the aura of the institution. Further i convey my heartiest best wishes to all asociated with the launch of school web site and anticipate the same ditermination and excellence in the years to unfold.

Alok Bansal(Manager)


प्रधानाचार्य संदेश


"अभिवादन शीलस्य नित्य वृद्धोपसेविना
चत्वारि तस्य वर्द्धन्ते आयुर्विद्दा यशोबलम्‌"

     विद्दार्थियों में चौमुखी प्रतिभा को उद्दीप्त करना ही हमारे विद्दालय का चरम उद्देश्य है | हमारा विद्दालय प्रति-पल उर्ध्वमुखी उन्नति करे जिससे पुनः हमारा देश विश्व गुरु के पद पर आसीन हो ऐसे ध्येय को हृदय मे धारण करता हुआ मैं हभाशितिरेक हुँ, विद्दालय के आदि से अन्त तक की यात्रा मे सहभागिता करने वाले विद्दार्थियों, शिक्षको एंव शिक्षिकाओं को मै हृदय से साधुवाद देता हुँ जिनके अथक और बहुमूल्य योगदान से यह इस स्वरूप को प्राप्त कर सका है |
राम बुझारत मिश्र (प्रधानाचार्य)

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Date sheet for 2016 Exam(X/XII)

Second Preboard

Second preboard is about to start on 15 Jan 2016